A. Which country should I apply to?

Choosing the country you want to go to can be difficult as every country has its own benefits in terms of education and further visa prospects. You should discuss all of these things with your visa counsellor and then take an informed decision.

B. What are the charges involved?

Pioneer Immigration’s charges are very nominal as compared to other visa consultancy agencies, and we pride ourselves on the fact that we do not have any hidden charges. Apart from that, charges may include the college/university fees, GIC, health insurance, medical check-up, biometric verification and embassy fees along with other charges depending on the country and course applied. It is advised to ask your visa counsellor a detailed break-up of the costs involved.

C. Do I need to clear my IELTS exam before I go abroad?

Many countries require students or workers to pass their IELTS test or a similar language proficiency exam (required that that particular language proficiency test is accepted and recognised by the college/university and government of the country to which you wish to go to). Depending upon the course and visa category, the requirement of IELTS scores may vary.

D. What guarantee do I have that I will not be a victim of fraud or misguidance?

The company is an accredited member of CICC, and is bound by statutes to give proper guidance. The Director of the company is qualified in immigration law and has expert knowledge in these matters. The company is registered with the government of Canada and Government of India, so you may rest assured that you are in good and competent hands.

E. What level of education should I apply for?

Most foreign universities and colleges offer varying levels of education ranging from Diplomas to Certificate Degrees and Postgraduate Certificate Degrees and higher. You may choose to apply for a course which compliments and correlates with your last known educational qualification.

F. Is getting a visa a tough job?

Getting a visa is not necessarily a tough job, as our staff has many years of experience and are well versed with the entire visa process; therefore, they have the proper knowledge as to what steps need to be taken and what requirements need to be fulfilled. This greatly increases the chances of obtaining a visa.

G. What can I do to increase my chances of successfully obtaining a visa?

Although the granting of visa to any country lies with the sole discretion of the embassy, visa officer and concerned authorities of that country, there are certain measures that can be taken to increase the chances of getting a visa. Like, furnishing all original documents, paying the prerequisite tuition fees (in case of a study visa), not having any gap years and not withholding any information from your visa counsellor.

H. Is it better to apply for a student loan?

Student loans are a great way to pay for the expenses involved in foreign education, as it saves you from paying a huge sum of money from your liquid assets; however, you must consider the interest that will eventually have to be paid to the bank and the. It is advised to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to apply for a student loan and considering your finances.

I. What are the services offered by Pioneer Immigration?

Pioneer Immigration offers many services including but not limited to:
  • -Admission in Canadian Colleges.
  • -PR under Canadian Experience class
  • -Study permit extension
  • -Multiple entry Visa

Following are some of the services provided by the Company In SASKATOON:


  • -Application For Saskatchewan Nominee Certificate
  • -Application For Permanent Residence Under SINP Under Family Sponsorship Class
  • -SINP Skilled Worker Class
  • -Parents' Super Visa
  • -Application For Permanent Residence Under SINP
  • -Tourist Visa
  • -All Saskatchewan Programs
  • -All Federal,Quebec, PNPs Immigration Programs


  • -Application For Saskatchewan Nominee Certificate
  • -Application For Permanent Residence Under SINP Under Family Sponsorship Class - SINP Skilled Worker Class
  • -Parents' Super Visa
  • -Application For Permanent Residence Under SINP
  • -Tourist Visa
  • -All Saskatchewan Programs
  • -All Federal,Quebec, PNPs Immigration Programs

Why Choose Us

Expert Guidance

Our team has been trained rigorously to Guide overseas aspirants and assist them step by step as and when required.

Professional Service

  • Admission to the College/University.
  • Study permit extension.
  • Post Graduate Permit
  • Permanent Residence Applications

Great Support

One can contact us from anywhere in the world, Our office network is present in all across India and Canada always excited to be a part of your successful journey for overseas destination.

Professional Skills

We are a team of Qualified and highly professional individuals, who has in-depth knowledge about Immigration process. We are always happy to assist you with nos of Visa options as per your profile.

Highly Recomended

We are one of the most trusted immigration consultant of the region.Our assets are our clients, who got visas and Guidance from us and referring other aspirants to Pioneer.

Resident Visa Extension

We can help people who are already in Canada and want to change the status or extend their stay in Canada.

Please call us on our Canada nos.or visit our Canada Branches.

Ravi Garg: Authorized/Recognized Immigration Consultant by SINP/Saskatchewan immigration Authorities

Pioneer Clients Testimonials

Who are extremely in love with our eco friendly system

I attended the Pioneers Education fair in Taj Hotel. I found this Seminar is very informative and then I visited their office. I felt their services and advice were beneficial for me to got the visa soon. I got my visa in just 7 days. I suggest everyone to visit Pioneers Immigration office. They are very honest and I am fully satisfied with their services.

My name is navdeep I am from patiala Punjab I completed my secondary education in the year 2017 than I decided to go my dream country Canada after that our family friend suggested me to come here in PIONEER IMMIGRATION. All team members are very supportive and their way of talk is good. I am very happy after getting my visa. THANK YOU TO ALL PIONEER TEAM.

Pioneer immigration was referred to me by my friend's . All the services rendered were excellent. I was very much impressed with the course that had suggested to me by the expert DR, Ravi Garg Sir, who is CICC member. The staff helped me with the rest of the formalities starting from document preparation to the visa filing. Thank you Pioneer Immigration.

I had heard a lot about the excellent reputation that Pioneer Immigration enjoys for its genuineness and transparency. It is this reputation that motivated me to get in touch with Pioneers team for filing my study visa application. I consider myself fortunate to have taken that decision and I am really happy to have got my study visa.

I have chosen Pioneers Immigration because my friend told me the speciality of their staff in study visa. So, then I visited their office in Chandigarh and liked the way in which they provide services to their students. I usually think I took a right decision by choosing Pioneers Immigration.

I am fully satisfied with the Pioneers Immigration, cooperative staff and helps me alot in getting my visa . I choose Fairleigh Dickinson University for Bachelor of Business Administration . Thanks Pioneers.

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